Price of Corn Rising, Increase value of Grass Fed Beef?

So if the price of corn rises, which means the price of grain fed beef is going to rise, will this get people to buy more grass fed beef or evaluate it more seriously from a cost perspective?  I’d love to see a microeconomic study on what is the price equilibrium in which a person would switch to grass fed beef.  In other words, you’re asking about the price elasticity of the health benefits of grass fed beef?  If you knew that, you’d be able to determine what price grain fed beef has to be before more consumers would start buying grass fed beef.

However, the interesting thing with that is you would then have an increased demand for grass fed beef, and since I doubt the supply could scale to match quickly enough, you would have a matching, if not greater, rise in the price of grass fed beef until the supply caught up.

So in reality, we really just need to continually increase the supply of grass fed beef to bring down the price and concurrently increase demand, although it’ll be a very long time before that equilibrium matches the current grain fed supply & demand curves…(unless we start getting the grass fed farmers to earn carbon credits for their lower production of methane gas in beef production)

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