Will Weight Be Abstracted Away?

It seems that the Federal Government is getting its acting together and how now changed its stance on the idea of patenting genes.  The new opinion is that genes were produced in nature and should not be able to be patented.  Let’s hope that this actually make it into law and at the same time, does not demotivate biotechnology companies from pursuing other profitable means around helping cure diseases through gene therapy.

However, back to the title of this post, one of the the things that I believe will happen in the future is that people will one day never be overweight.  It’s similar in a sense to the technology industry.  We’re currently experiencing a time where starting an Internet company has gotten so cheap and easy that almost anyone can start one.  This has been enabled though due to the abstraction of dealing with technologies to get operational.  More and more pieces of infrastructure are becoming commoditized and that is the key to enabling more people to start businesses without having to worry about how to enable the technology to run their business.

In the same way, I think that through gene therapy, healthier food, more absorbable nutrients, and more efficient exercise, we will eventually get to a point in which everyone in the world is their perfect weight.  Bodyfat will become a thing of the past.  It’s scary to think that we could develop pills or shots that people can take to maintain a low body fat percentage even if they’re living a hedonistic lifestyle, but it will happen, and so what are the implications of this?

What will society be like once everyone is the perfect weight?  Will it ruin marriage?  Will it increase sexual appetite?  Will there be more equality in the workplace or in societal classes?  It seems that all of these things will be impacted since most overweight people do feel discriminated against or disadvantaged in different aspects of their life.  Many overcome this seeming disadvantage quite readily and actually end up stronger than others (more power to them, it’s great to see).  Many might make the argument that the disadvantage is only one in a superficial society but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be trending in the direction we all may like it to.

Overall, I think that weight will eventually become a non-issue and society will be more productive, more social, and redefine our behaviors towards each other.  The natural self selection between males and females will diminish and thus the concept of dating, marriage, and equality could all significantly change.  (Note: there are so many factors within a marriage it’s probably not worth listing, but this concept is significant enough to realize that marriage would still be affected, we’re all human).


4 Ways to Improve Your Brain

There was a great article today on the Huffington Post talking about ways to improve brain function.  I love that all of them are things that I practice:

1.  Exercise

2.  Calorie Restriction (only Intermittent Fasting)

3.  Curcumin (most active ingredient in turmeric, the main spice in curry.  Remember to eat turmeric with black pepper, otherwise you won’t absorb it that well)

4.  DHA  (the main Omega 3 fatty acid in fish)

Overall, fairly easy things to incorporate into one’s lifestyle.