General Supplements For Performance

This post will be updated over time, but just wanted to get a few posted for the time being:

Omega 3’s (myriad of benefits primarily from being anti-inflammatory):

Magnesium Malate:

Note:  Citrate or Glycinate are also good chelated forms.  Should always be supplemented with Vitamin D.

Vitamin D3 & K2 (combined):

Note:  K2 should generally be consumed with Vitamin D3.  Food forms of K2 are hard cheeses, cabbage and natto.  Also, eat with some fat.

Green Tea EGCG Extract:

Note:  Take with food.

Astaxanthin (carotenoid from krill, superior antioxidant):

Note:  Take consistently, gets absorbed into tissues over time.  Has shown to extend time to burning from sun, also shown to increase muscular endurance.  Eat with a bit of fat, it’s a fat soluble carotenoid.

Cod Liver Oil (providing Vitamin A primarily):

Note:  Most people don’t get enough Vitamin A, which complements Vitamin D3.  Eat with fat as well.

Boron:  Eat an apple once per day.  High source of boron, and contain Quercitin, which is the best antioxidant specifically for the lungs.

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