Sleep, Water, Earthing, Binaural Beats, and EMF waves


– you need 7-8 hours.  Human sleep in 90 minute micro-cycles so 7.5 hours is often when you find yourself waking up naturally (or it’s the best time to set an alarm).

– Quality does matter a lot, but quantity should not be discounted.  4 hours of quality sleep is not enough 😉  So allot for 8 hours of sleep because it usually takes you 5-15 min to fall asleep

– To ensure you start to produce maximal melatonin in the evening, block the blue light with these:

a) Install Flu.x on your computer (you might need to disable it if doing photoshop or color work since your screen is tinted red)

b) UV light blocking glasses (don’t need the Flu.x app if you have these on):

1. Uvex

2. Wrap around glasses


– solutes (minerals) in ocean water and human blood are the same, that’s correct

– many people do in fact not drink enough water, but you don’t need that much more to actually be hydrated.  Do not drink water all day.  This actually makes you feel worse and more hungry in fact.  The reason is that when you drink “plain” water, it does not have electrolytes in it such as sodium, potassium, chloride and calcium/magnesium.  So when you drink water, it should be closer to meal times.  That way, the water is going to be mixing with the nutrients you get from the food soon after.

– Remember, once you’re hydrated, you’re hydrated.  Taking in more does not do any good as it has nowhere to go but out.  If you ate a really salty meal, then you might be able to take in some more water but that’s because the body then needs more water to balance out all the salt you took in.  This all goes back to osmolality from chemistry class 🙂  

– Mineral water is what you want:  Volvic and Fiji are good brands although expensive.  Whole Foods now has “Smart Water” although I don’t know how many minerals they put in.

– The best source of water are fruits (fresh, not dried) and vegetables (they’re mostly water just like your bodies).  So remember that when you’re hungry and thirsty.  Processed carbs such as crackers (which have no water obviously) are going to make things worse they typically have salt in them and no water.

Earthing:  This is the name of what Ameer was talking about in regards to going outside and putting your barefeet or body against the ground (the earth exhibits a slight negative charge which helps “ground” you, like the grounding pin on an electrical outlet).  Some call it pseudoscience, some call it real.  He used the example, notice how much better you feel when you go on vacation?  Well, that’s not a scientific explanation and full of confounding variables.  For example, you’re inherently more relaxed when you go on vacation, or you’re in a peaceful nature scene. These things do definitely affect us positively and you should do them.  In addition, Earthing does have a lot of proponents and I think it’s a great activity to do regardless, we all need to unplug and get outside.  To cap it off, try looking at the horizon.  That’s relaxing because it literally lets your ocular muscles relax.  Think about how often you’re only looking at things 1, 2, 10 or 20 ft away. How often do you look at things miles away?

Point is, go ahead, preferably at midday when the sun is highest (helps with circadian rhythm) for a walk, sit in the grass, the beach, the park, wherever you can.  Btw, one of the best things you can do for your blood sugar balance is to take your walk after lunch.  It helps with digestion too.


– 15-20 min is correct, don’t go over that

– it’s actually quite healthy.  People’s needs are different, but Ameer is correct in saying that your nighttime sleep is probably the #1 factor in how much you need a nap.  However, so is your diet and blood sugar balance.  When people eat unbalanced lunches, that has a huge impact on your desire for a nap.  Btw, if you want to calculate the “weakest point in your day”.  Take the midpoint of the hours you slept at night and add 12.  So if you slept from 11-7, your mid point is 3am + 12 hours = 3pm.  That’s when you technically should be most likely to need a nap, but again, your lunch can affect this.  Ever notice how if you eat a salad or light lunch, you generally aren’t as tired?  That’s because most salads don’t have a lot of carbs in them.  It’s still best to always eat balance meals meaning some some carbs, some protein and some fat.  

Binaural beats:  

– Some people really like these, I’ve never gotten into them.  One correct on what he was saying, he keep saying beta & theta are for sleep, but that’s not right.  It’s theta and delta.  Alpha & beta waves are associated with high cognitive functioning.  Specifically beta is the most active and alpha is a calm & focused state, like while meditating.  Taking theanine with your coffee helps produce alpha waves!

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF):  There is definitely some science to say some people are very sensitive to these however it’ll take a long time to find out if it actually affects us as a population

However, a much more serious issue is having the radiation from cell phones near your body.  Ameer’s underwear should help with this when his Indiegogo campaign comes out.  In the meantime, do not keep your phone against your body, that’s unfortunately the only thing you can do in general.

There is a cell phone case company that’s well aware of this research and makes cases for popular phones to redirect the radiation out the back of the phone vs. all around it (so you put the phone in your pocket with the glass facing you when the case is on).  It’s called  I’ve used it for years and it’s cheap insurance for if/when this all becomes a bigger issue…