PanaFit was created by Chris Keller as a guide to the latest and most accurate information regarding health & nutrition.

Chris has been an avid enthusiast of health & nutrition for over 12 years, starting with drinking his last can of soda back in July 1999 (he’s really never had a drop since).  His interest started by wanting to build muscle in the gym while playing competitive Tennis in college.  As he got out into the real world, it became apparent that he was going to have to increase his activity level to maintain his weight or fix his diet.  He wisely chose the latter and went down a path of understanding what mattered toward health, performance and ultimately staying fit in the minimum of time invested.

On his path in understanding nutrition, Chris has definitely come to support the Paleo framework for nutrition more than any other.  Realizing that everyone is different in their nutritional requirements and activity levels, he’s helped many people understand what’s a better diet for them, both in terms of the type of food to eat, but how much of each type.

His goal now is to spread this knowledge in an easy to digest format and make everything as actionable as possible for readers in their daily life.